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6101 Chapel Hill Dr Suite 200, Plano, TX 75093


GorntoArt: 214.444.8893 (9am-4pm)








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r. scott gornto
b. 1973 – Houston, Texas
R. Scott Gornto grew up in Houston, Texas. At an early age, his interest in creating started with pencil drawings, pen and ink, and charcoal. His work was inspired by and primary focused on nature, people, and still life images.

From age 14-18, he had the privilege of working with Suzanne Peterson, accomplished watercolor and pastel artist. During that time, his work shifted to watercolors and pastels – mostly focused on people and landscape.

After spending the past 20+ years focusing his energies on study and research on topics of psychology, theology and the human experience, he has rededicated himself to his art as a resource to recharge and renew. Having worked with, pastels and watercolor, his art has shifted in medium and style. Now, he focuses on abstract art working primarily with acrylics and oils.
Scott resides and creates in Dallas, Texas.


“You can’t look at Abstract Art without thinking.” Patricia Cole-Fellulo

Abstract Art invites us to engage with the two parts of us: our hearts and our minds. Color, Texture, and Style play a part in evoking emotion. Space, Pattern, Composition asks us to think and interpret the painting.  This is what I strive to achieve in my work – to stir the heart and  challenge the mind. I see my work as “modern minimalist expressionism” with a focus on balance. I lean into nature, people and human emotion to inspire my work.


I start with a blank acrylic canvas or hardboard panel and apply oil, pigment, brush, steel, paper, foam, heat, air, and water to create my paintings. I apply layer on layer to create shapes, space, color and texture until the result is aesthetically pleasing. Using horizontal strokes and linear patterns that eventually produce the look and feel that satisfies my eye.  The painting is not complete until this process achieves that goal.


Part of the human experience is that we have moments of celebration and struggle – my hope is that my work will move you, challenge you, inspire you and ultimately be life giving resource for you.